ShamWow Guy Sued in Love Slave Scandal

ShamWow GuyShamWow and Slap Chop pitchman Vince Shlomi is making steamy headlines again. This time he's being sued by a former personal assistant who filed a federal law suit alleging he harassed her by asking her to be his "love slave," tried to buy her eggs for $20,000 and stalked her ex-boyfriend, among other complaints. Officially, it's being called civil battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Ohio native Jennifer Kosinski, 23, was employed by Shlomi, 46, for nearly nine months, and during that time, she claims he also implored her to sleep with him in his bed, watched her with binoculars when she was on the beach, and made a host of inappropriate comments about her and her relatives, according to a Smoking Gun report.

She says she was fired last April after refusing to show Shlomi a personal text message she'd received -- he thought it was from another man, and was jealous. She filed her U.S. District Court complaint, on April 1 in Miami, and is seeking unpaid wages, although specific monetary damages are not specified.

As his personal assistant, Kosinski was living rent free in a spare bedroom in Shlomi's $3.6 million oceanfront South Beach condominium. She was paid $4,500 per month to handle house keeping duties such as cleaning, shopping and cooking. She was also expected to cover customer service tasks for his company and attend "dinners, parties, and events with him." Since he is notorious for not handling alcohol well, she was also charged with monitoring his alcohol intake and trying to keep him out of trouble.

While the relationship was supposed to remain platonic, Kosinski claims Shlomi's romantic and sexual demands increased, and he became exceedingly jealous. He also became verbally abusive and finally fired her when she would not comply with his demands.

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Shlomi's wild antics made the news before, in February 2009, when he was arrested on felony battery charges after he punched a Miami prostitute multiple times in the face. He claimed she had clamped down on his tongue with her teeth and he was trying to get her to let go. Not surprisingly, alcohol was involved in the incident.

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