'Mommy and Me' Workstations: The New Solution for Working Parents

Working at Home Anyone who has ever tried to work at home with a child present knows it can be quite a challenge, especially if your living space is limited. Not only do most kids want to "help," but you feel guilty for not being more engaged with them when you're together. Leave it to a supermodel to come up with a solution.

Kathy Ireland, model, actress, author, entrepreneur and mother of three is also an office furniture designer, and she's devised two Parent-Child Workstations for Bush Furniture. The "Mommy and Me" or "Daddy and Me" desks allow parents to work and play side-by-side with their child.

"We recognized a lack of desking options that allow parents to work alongside their children," said Jim Sherbert, CEO of Bush Industries, Inc. "Whether the products are used for homework, completing a puzzle or an arts and crafts project, they are designed to help bring parents and their children closer together in a home office setting."

The Parent-Child Workstation has an L-shaped configuration in a number of shades and styles. They've designed storage for books, toys, games and office supplies, as well as organizational features and plenty of accommodations for your computer, monitor, printer, etc. They run about $600, and are available at office and furniture retailers across the country.

Designed for safety, the products meet ANSI and UL standards and provide child safety features, such as rounded corners and edges, tempered glass and high durability work surfaces. Additionally, soft-close hinges and glider stops ensure children do not get their fingers slammed by the drawers.

"Today's busy parents are constantly searching for quality time with their kids," added Sherbet. "We've made it easy now for mom and dad to meet their work deadlines while their children practice their handwriting or study for a test, together. Plus, as families' needs change, so does the function of the furniture. Once it's outgrown, the child desk can be used as a printer stand or for extra storage."

Now if they could just design a mini desk chair with a seat belt ...

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