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Trucking Companies Curious what truck drivers earn in different parts of the country? Salaries generally range from $40,000 to $68,000, and specialty drivers can earn as much as $84,000. The earnings for drivers in Mississippi are at the top of the range, even though the average household income for the state is only $36,650 (the lowest in the country).

According to the recently released Trucking Jobs Salary Report, the top 15 states for earning a living as a truck drivers are:

Mississippi -- $68,000

Wyoming -- $61,000

New York -- $60,000

Washington -- $59,000

Massachusetts -- $59,000

West Virginia -- $58,000

Alabama -- $56,000

Indiana -- $56,000

Illinois -- $55,000

Connecticut -- $55,000

Vermont -- $55,000

Missouri -- $55,000

California -- $55,000

Georgia -- $54,000

Kentucky -- $54,000

The bottom five states are Hawaii, Alaska, Wisconsin, Idaho and Nebraska with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $45,000.

The report lists average salaries from across the nation, as well as which states offer the best earnings and fuel prices. The report also lists schools for truck driver training and links to companies in the field that are currently hiring.

Here are just a few of the many companies hiring now.

Heartland Express: Has a bonus for employees with HAZMAT certification.

FFE: FFE is advertising "no experience necessary" and has their own driving school.

Hornady Transportation: A $2,000 sign-on bonus may apply for new hires.

Swift Transportation: Allows some leniency for DUI/Felony convictions.

Melton Truck Lines: Offers a rider programs for spouses, children, and pets.

To find out about other companies that are hiring, check out the full report.

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