H.L. Hunt's Great Grandson Hit With Mortgage Fraud


Al G. Hill III, the first great-grandchild of legendary Texas oilman H.L. Hunt (see photo below) -- once known as the richest man in America and who died in 1974 -- has been indicted in Dallas County on several felony counts of mortgage fraud for a home improvement loan of more than $200,000.

Hill, 40, and his wife, Erin Nance Hill, a former beauty queen and Dallas socialite, were charged with making a false statement to obtain property or credit and one count of securing execution of a document by deception. Hill claimed a monthly income of $54,341, while Erin claimed to have more than $100,000 in a bank account. Apparently, they did not.

Erin, 38, was charged with two counts of making a false statement and one of securing execution of a document by deception. The charges are first-degree felonies, with a punishment range of probation or five years to life.