FrontierVille Beehive: Everything you need to know


The next time you play FrontierVille, be on the lookout for a "Swarm of Bees" on your Homestead. You'll know they're there, as there will be a giant yellow, animated arrow pointing down at them. These bees trigger the launch of a new building, and a new feature on your Homestead called the Beehive. Click on this bee swarm, and you'll be told that you'll need to build a Beehive to house these new friends. Doing so will allow your crops to get a boost, via free Crop Boosts that you can earn each and every day. If you recall, Crop Boosts are those items that allow you to speed up the growth of your crops so that you don't have to wait as long to harvest them.

You'll be given the small base to your Beehive for free, and you'll simply need to whack it four times, each time costing four wood (or 16 wood in total), to complete the base. You'll then need to collect a series of building ingredients to finish the Beehive, with two of these items being new to the structure. Don't be alarmed if you see tons of bonus items appearing on your Homestead as you whack the frame - not only will you receive experience point bonuses as normal, but you'll also likely receive two of the six ingredients that you need to finish the initial construction of your new animal building.

Meet us behind the break for a complete look at what it takes to put this Beehive together.