FrontierVille Beehive Collection offers Apple Tree Boosts as reward


To go along with the release of the Beehive animal building in FrontierVille, Zynga has released a new collection called the Beehive Collection. You'll be able to find these five new items either while whacking the actual frame of the Beehive during construction (check out our full guide to building the Beehive), or while collecting the Daily Bonus from the building.

Here's what to keep an eye out for:

Raw Honey
Royal Jelly

Once you collect these five items, you'll be able to trade them in for five Apple Tree Ready Boosts. To be clear, you'll receive all five Boosts for turning in the collection just once, so if you're in a jam, and want to harvest some extra Apple Trees without waiting for them to regrow naturally, this is a great collection to keep in mind.

What do you think of this new Beehive collection? Do you think the reward is worth trading in these items, or will you hold onto them? Let us know in the comments.