Flavor Flav's Checks Get a Bum Rap [Video]

Flavor Flav Several employees of rapper/reality starFlavor Flav's new fried chicken restaurant are crying foul, complaining that their paychecks bounced. Flav, whose real name is William Drayton Jr., claims it was all a banking mistake and it has been corrected. He also says the people who tried to cash the checks are "haters."

Still, at least two employees, Kelly Butler and Kim Kostka, from Flavor Flav's Chicken in Clinton, Iowa, were willing to go on record telling local television station WQAD that they had taken their paychecks to several banks, including Freedom Bank, where the restaurant keeps its accounts, and no one would cash them. They stated it was because the funds were unavailable. Several other employees who didn't want to give their names said their paychecks bounced as well.

"My check was only $150 and they couldn't even cash it," Butler told the station. She said the restaurant still owes her three weeks of pay, and that the situation has not been corrected.

Restaurant owner Nick Cimino admits there was a glitch in the credit cards system -- that funds were not being deposited as they should have been, but the problem has been rectified. He also claimed the complaints were probably made by disgruntled employees who had been fired.

Flav, who was in town for the grand opening of the restaurant when reporters caught up with him, said that it's "not true information," and that "maybe these are people that's just jealous of me being here and they probably want to see me out."

He later told AP that a mistake was made, that he learned from it, and that it won't happen again. That's a good thing, since he says he's considering opening more restaurants in Iowa, Detroit and New York.

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