FarmVille Scam Alert: Love Potion News Feed posts are phony

Love Potion Scam
That Love Potion you're getting from the News Feed offer roaming around isn't real potion--it's red food dye! Jokes aside, FarmVille Freak has discovered yet another FarmVille scam offering free Love Potions. Read: They are not real. In fact, this scam is fairly obvious. Look closely at the text on the post and you'll notice the words "via Love Potion," which is a dead giveaway considering normal posts read, "via FarmVille." (Though, more intelligent scammers take this into account as well.)

Clicking on the post opens a pop-up, though the only way to close it is to press "Publish." Who knows what is beneath that button, just waiting to be released into your files. So, do yourself a favor and avoid suspicious News Feed posts at all costs. While you're at it, do your friends a favor and tell your friends about this. The more who know, the less power they have. Boy, that sounded like a motivational speech--play ball!

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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