FarmVille English Countryside: Royal Hops crop now available


A new crop has been added to the English Countryside in FarmVille, but there's a catch - you must master another of the already released crops on your second farm in order to grow it. The new crop is the Royal Hops, which we brought you a sneak peek of in the past, and it can only be grown once you have mastered the original Hops crop.

Once you've completed that task, you'll be able to plant a single square of the Royal Hops for 150 coins. You'll find that this crop is slightly more profitable than its predecessor, offering you 240 coins for each square grown, rather than the 220 total received for regular Hops. The other stats are the same, with a harvest time of 10 hours, and a single experience point earned for every square you plant.

The Royal Hops are, of course, masterable, with the first star of mastery being available after 900 harvests, which is more than what is required for the original Hops crop. With the extra fertile soil in the English Countryside though, we hope the difference won't take that long to make up for.

What do you think of this new crop? Are you looking forward to more mastery-specific crops in FarmVille, or would you rather these new crops be instantly accessible to all players? Let us know in the comments.