FarmVille English Countryside Dig Site Goals: Everything you need to know

Professor Milton
As if milking cows isn't a dirty-enough gig, it's time to get them dirty literally with the next set of Goals to the new FarmVille, the English Countryside. In these Goals, players will meet the illustrious Professor Milton of Drummund Institute Royal Tutor Society as he searches for rare artifacts. It's time get all Indiana Jones up in FarmVille--with less whip and more digging, unfortunately.

1. Dig It

  • Plow 100 Plots of farmland
  • Fertilize 25 Neighbor Crops (Total)
Dig It
Plowing 100 new Plots should be easy enough given the nice amount of room you have thanks to helping Lily out in the Dairy Farm. Fertilizing neighbor crops shouldn't be terribly difficult, but it will take at least five total visits to complete. Finish this Goal and enjoy 2,500 coins, 100 XP and an Ancient Cow Statue, as if you could do anything with that.

2. Book 'Em

  • Get 6 Old Books
  • Buy and Place one Storage Cellar
Book 'Em
Getting the Old Books is simple: Just use the "Ask Friends" button within the Goal window. Then, the Storage Cellar can be purchased directly from the Goal window or through the Market for a measly single coin. We imagine this is because it's attached to a Goal, but it could just as easily be a bug. The new Storage Cellar acts as a permanent gifting event like the Duck Pond or new English Wishing Well. Completing this Goal will reward you with 3,000 coins, 200 XP and an Ancient Duck Statue.

3. Past Pursuits

  • Harvest 100 Hops
  • Fertilize 25 Neighbor Crops (Total)
Past Pursuits
Again, you'll have to visit at least five friends to fertilize 25 crops total. This will be convenient especially when waiting for the 100 Hops you planted, which will cost 15 thousand coins and take at least 10 hours. Complete this simple Goal and 5,000 coins, 300 XP and Knight Armor, an Avatar costume, are yours.

4. Ancient Methods

  • Achieve Level 1 Hops Mastery
  • Harvest 50 Barley
Ancient Methods
This Goal will prove more time consuming, as you must master Hops to at least Tier 1, which will take 780 total harvests. The 50 Barley will cost you 8,000 coins and take at least 12 hours to harvest. Other than achieving Mastery, there isn't much else to this simple-yet-difficult Goal. Finish it to receive 7,500 coins, 400 XP and 5 Farm Cash.

5. Drinking in History

  • Harvest 50 Royal Hops
  • Make three Lionhead Ales
Drinking in History
After discovering the Royal Hops (since when do we need archeology to find new crops?), it's time to harvest them and put them to good use. The 50 Royal Hops will cost 12 thousand coins and take at least 10 hours to harvest. To learn how to make the Lionhead Ale recipe, check out our guide right here. Finally, this series is over, and for your hard work enjoy 500 XP, one Museum and a Double Mastery, which, well grants double Mastery for all crops. Yeah, I'd say these long Goals are worth it.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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