Former Factor 5 founder opens social game studio, TouchFactor


As the flock circles onward, another joins its fluffy if dangerous ranks. Julian Eggebrecht founded Factor 5 back in 1987--the studio behind critical hits like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and flops like Lair--but has now opened TouchFactor. The new San Francisco-based company has taken at least five designers and developers who worked in Factor 5's US office before it closed in 2009, Gamasutra reports.

While no games have been announced at this point, this message is posted on the company's Linkedin profile: "TouchFactor is committed to building social games that bring people together on all mass market platforms. We make social games that are free to play, accessible to everyone and create memorable long lasting experiences for our fans." However, we'd imagine that Eggebrecht has kept ties strong with Mr. Lucas. If true, TouchFactor could create the first full-blown Star Wars game on Facebook. Oh, a hopelessly optimistic, aspiring Jedi (nerd) in his 20s can dream.

[Image Credit: Gamasutra]

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