CityVille Cruise Ship Goals: Everything you need to know

CityVille Cruise Ship Goals
The next major CityVille update has arrived in the form of luxury and adventure: Cruise Ships. This brand new feature will appear in a series of Goals, but will ultimately bring more tourists to your cities and speed up your Businesses. (With fireworks and everything!) Tourism Director Dan will guide you in creating your CityVille City Port and later sending off Cruise Ships. Join us behind the break to find out how. (Warning: You must be Level 20 or above to start these Goals.)

This new feature spans across four Goals, and as the City Port is brand new, this information is extremely early and subject to change. Let's start with the Goals:

City Port1. Unlock Cruise Ships

  • Place a City Port
  • Place four Decorations near the City Port
  • Place three Businesses near the City Port

Upon accepting the first Goal, the City Port will appear in your inventory. Take it from there and place it near water, otherwise you will not be able to build it. After putting that down, either purchase or move four Decorations and three Businesses to surround the City Port. For completing this simple Goal, you'll receive Sunglasses, one of the items required to finish the City Port.

2. Tourists in Sight

  • Get 5 Tourism Pamphlets
  • Send 5 Tour Buses

The Tourism Pamphlets will come from your friends after requesting them through the Goal's menu. All the while, just visit one friend and use all five Helps to send Tour Buses to their Businesses. This Goal will be done in no time, and you'll win a nifty Robot Street Performer for doing it.

Waterfront Condo3. Port Time

  • Grow your Population by 250
  • Finish the City Port

Growing your population is as easy as throwing together another Community Building like a Bank or one of the newer additions. (Unless you want to drop 2 million in coins on a fancy Landmark.) To finish the City Port, check out the details later on in this guide. Finishing this Goal will reward you with a measly 50 Goods.

4. Ready to Dock

  • Have 1,000 Goods
  • Unload three Cruise Ships

Now that you've already built the City Port, which we'll cover in detail below, it's time to finish this series. Conserve your Goods and make sure you have 1,000 before completing this second requirement, which requires you to unload your ship three times. Do this and a Beachfront Condo, a home with 150 population and 230 coins as rent per day, is yours.

Finish Your City Port
Building and Using the City Port

As you likely already figured out (we hope), these Goals revolve around the City Port. This new item will appear in your inventory after starting the first Goal. Take it out from there and place it near water. Then, click it seven times to finish the foundation of the building. Then, a menu window will open just like any other Community Building, requiring five items to finish the City Port:

  • 2 2x4
  • 8 Sunglasses
  • 8 Dec Chairs
  • 2 Whistles
  • 8 Visors

Cruise Ship Passenger ArrivalOnce you acquire all 28 items in total, the City Port will finally be operational. Collect from the City Port like any other Community Building every 12 hours. Not only coins and XP will appear, but legions of tourists ready to spend money. When more tourists arrive, a fireworks show will play upon arrival. Every time you want to send for tourists, it will cost 300 Goods, but the City Port will pay out 1,350 coins every time new tourists arrive.

Unfortunately, you must stick around the city while tourists shop, as they might disappear if you close the game or visit a friend immediately after accepting the folks into your city. The idea is to use the tourists to speed up the production of your Businesses, resulting in more coins and XP in the end. Tip: Make sure your Businesses are all fully stocked before unloading tourists to maximize the benefits.
[Source and Image Credits: CityVille Goals and Zynga]

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