Zynga cashes in on online poker stats site PokerTableRatings


"And we wonder why..." the Games.com writer typed with liberal snark as he stroked his long, Pai Mei-style beard. Alright, so I don't have a flowing white beard, but it's almost a given that Zynga's most recent acquisition of PokerTableRatings has something to do with its Zynga Poker game. TechCrunch reports that the company bought MarketZero, the company behind PokerTableRatings, so that its team could work on new features for Zynga Poker.

Our guess is that this new talent will work on improved tournaments and other competitive ranking systems. (Too much of a stretch?) While MarketZero and PokerTableRatings will continue operation, this marks the 11th buyout for the social gaming megalith in just under a year. Can Zynga make 12 acquisitions in one year? We're taking bets!

[Image Credit: Marie Clare]

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