Cop Fired Over Uggs

Sheriff Fired After giving years of service to the Brookline, N.H., Police Department, Sgt. Michael Kurland lost his job because he used money from the department's uniform account to buy a pair of Ugg slippers.

Kurland had been on paid leave for the violation since December when the selectmen voted to fire him by a 3-to-2 vote in early April. Kurland said he was merely reimbursing himself for out-of-pocket expenses for the town's DARE program, although it's unclear why he needed Uggs for the DARE program. He also says he paid the department back.

But Brookline's new police chief, William Quigley, said Kurland was less than forthcoming when he was initially confronted, and should have admitted his mistake and taken care of the situation right away.

If this seems like a minor infraction, know that the plot thickens: In hearings, testimony revealed that Kurland had a traffic stop confrontation with Quigley's son years ago, leading some to believe Quigley held a grudge against the embattled officer.

"We have an officer who gives years and years of service to his community. The support through the hearings was obvious; a new chief comes in, and all of a sudden this happens. I think it's obvious what's going on," Kurland's attorney, Raymond Mello, told WMUR. Kurland said he may sue.

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