India Creating U.S. Jobs: Employ 60,000

India Creating US Jobs So many American jobs have been outsourced to India that they're making TV shows about the phenomenon. But a group of business leaders met in Washington recently to discuss the fact that they're not just robbing us of valuable jobs, they're creating important jobs in the United States as well, and the number is nothing to sneeze at; they claim it's 60,000.

McClatchy-Tribune covered a recent meeting of more than a dozen U.S. lawmakers and prominent Indian business leaders at the Capitol to hear the results of a study called "Indian Roots, American Soil," showing that here in the states, Indian-owned companies employ 60,000 people across 40 states, with more than four-fifths of them hired locally. They also hire thousands of fresh U.S. college graduates, "all with the cumulative effect of saving thousands of American jobs."

Some of these companies that hire thousands of American workers on U.S. soil are obviously based in India: State Bank of India, Bharat Forge, House of Tatas and House of Mahindra, for example. But others you might not even realize were based in India include Polaris, Infosys, Wipro, Larsen, Toubro, Ranbaxy, Essar, HCL and Mindtree. And those companies are hiring more every day.

Examples of how some of these businesses help out the American economy include a Tata plant in Ohio that generated 450 jobs, saved a building from being gutted, and improved the tax base in the area. Essar has invested $2.5 billion in America, including a $1.3 billion iron ore pellet plant in Minnesota and employment of 7,000 Americans. Software firms L&T Infotech and Polaris have created 500 and 800 jobs respectively in Edison, N.J.

It was also pointed out that you don't see similar investments in the United States from China, which is also not as open to American imports. But this doesn't mean that India is done with American investments on their own soil. One of the meeting's objectives to was to keep American-Indian investment flowing freely in both directions.

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