FrontierVille: Clear debris to find a Spring Chinchilla shy critter

A new "injured critter" is now available to discover in FrontierVille, but like the Spring Bear Cub, this new animal isn't so much injured as it is shy. Perhaps we'll start calling them Shy Critters. At any rate, this new Shy Critter is the Spring Chinchilla, and also like the Spring Bear Cub, you'll be able to discover one while clearing debris on your own Homestead.

The Chinchilla will be hiding in a mound of dirt, and you'll need to lure her our using Juicy Berries. So, yes, this is exactly the setup of the Bear Cub, but you receive a different (arguably cuter) animal at the end. You'll need to first click on the dirt mound to confirm that you'd like to help the Chinchilla, and afterwards, will need to fill the green bar above it by feeding it Juicy Berries that you'll earn by asking your friends to send them to you via a general wall post. It seems that this is one animal you don't have to wait to repeatedly feed, as I was able to feed the Chinchilla four times in the matter of a few seconds (rather than waiting five minutes between feedings), before I finally ran out of Juicy Berries. It's unknown whether this was intentional, or whether this is a bug that will be fixed in the future, so keep that in mind.

Have you received a Chinchilla on your land yet? Do you like the animal's pink color, or would you have preferred something more realistic? Let us know in the comments.