FrontierVille: Trouble with 37x37 Land Expansion Goals? Finish the Foundry first

Fox Cannon
Several disgruntled players have reported in to FrontierVille Info that they are stuck in one FrontierVille Goal: The Hideout. It's part of the 37x37 Land Expansion Goals, and players who happen to be stuck here coincidentally have yet to complete the Foundry Goals from months ago. The thing is, the Foundry Goal titled "Fox Hunt" is where players unlock and first use the Fox Cannon. While we think you can gather what must be done, we'll give a hint: In order to complete The Hideout, you must have completed the Fox Hunt from the Foundry missions. If this doesn't help, take it to the forums and hope that someone can hear you above the Canning Goal revolts.

Have you had trouble with the Fox Cannon Goals? If this didn't help, but something else did, share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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