FarmVille English Countryside Sneak Peek: Village Map revealed!

FarmVille English Village Map
FarmVille English Village Map

While you've likely already seen the picture upon reaching our front page, spoiler warning!FarmVille Feed has uncovered every point on the FarmVille Village Map for the English Countryside. As you can see, the Sheep Pen, Pub and Dairy Barn are all accounted for. However, the Archaeologist's dig site, a country fair, a strange miniature farm, a courtyard and a castle all await you in your journey to turn the English farm around. Duke and the rest of the game's unnamed characters will all make their debut or cameo through these new Goals. However, when the new content will be unlocked has yet to be seen. Not to mention what that second farm is all about.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

What do you think of the future locations on the English Village Map? What areas or Goals are you most excited to reach? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.

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