Elizabeth Taylor Miami Beach Getaway for Sale

elizabeth taylor
elizabeth taylor

Elizabeth Taylor did everything with style, including lounging by the pool. Pictured here at 17 in 1949 with her then-fiancé William D. Pawley Jr., 28, at his father's home in Miami Beach, Taylor left an impression with her frequent visits to the house (though she never married Pawley). Now the Miami Beach house is available to buy or rent. Nikki Pepper of our sister site, ShelterPop, shares details and photos.

The dearly departed Elizabeth Taylorused to frequent this Miami Beach, Florida residence back in the 1950's, with her fiancé's family. Now it's for sale -- or rent -- for a large price tag. For those looking to purchase, $13.9 million will get you this 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom. Worried about commitment? You can rent for $50,000 a month. And no worries -- your friends and hangers-on will also have a place to lounge in this waterfront property. The guest house helps take up some of the home's acre of land.

Thanks to our friends at Realtor.com,we can take you past the guarded gate and inside.