Cafe World avatar system overhauled, game performance (slightly) increased

Apparently users had been clamoring for a change to the avatar system in Cafe World (which was admittedly archaic), as Zynga has responded in kind, completing overhauling the appearance of avatars in the game. Gone are the square heads and body parts from past avatars - in are the new rounded legs, circular heads, and fairly pear shaped bodies.

You can still go about changing your avatar by clicking on the small chef icon in the bottom menu, and you'll still have the option of changing your avatar's clothing and facial features one by one, with eye color, hair style, and more being available as options. The most noteworthy feature here though is the fact that these clothing items are now free. That's right - you won't have to pay thousands of coins to outfit your avatar in some new fashions, as every clothing item currently in the store (as of this writing) is free.
On top of that, the game's performance finally seems to be making a turn in the right direction in terms of speed. With the release of the new Cookbook, and perhaps helped by these new, slightly smaller avatars, you should slowly start to see your cafe's speed increase, in terms of how quickly the cookbook appears after clicking on an empty stove, how long it takes to scroll through pages in your Gift Box, and so on.

While it's great that we see an increase in performance finally occurring in the game, things are definitely far from perfect. In fact, while I'm appreciative of the new avatars, a much more important issue has yet to be addressed (but is definitely being called for more by the fans) - that being a mission select screen, which is still nowhere to be found. Will we ever see one added to the game? That much is still up in the air, but it looks like finally the game is making steps in the right direction, so we haven't given up hope just yet. C'mon Zynga - do the right thing. We'll love you all the more for it.

Have you noticed an increase in speed in your Cafe's performance? What do you think of these new avatars? Let us know in the comments.
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