Borders Customers Told to Use Amazon Bathroom

Borders Customers We often feature crazy, odd and sometimes just plain stupid employee stories, and today we have one for you that's just plain brilliant -- and a little bit sad.

Residents of most cities large enough to have a Borders book store have probably seen advertisements for the stores' going out of business sales. You might have even stopped in at one and seen that the venerated book store has become a bit of a madhouse as they sell off books, fixtures, coffee shop supplies, just about everything that isn't nailed down, at extreme discounts.

You also might have felt a little sympathy for the harried employees who are doing their best to accommodate eager bargain hunters, all the while knowing that their jobs are about to come to an end. They're all too aware that jobs for people with brick-and-mortar bookstore experience are not exactly easy to find, since so many readers are shopping for books online and downloading them on their eReaders.

At least one employee at a soon-to-be extinct Borders in Chicago has a sense of humor about the situation. A Consumerist reader snapped a photo of a large yellow sign, printed and posted on the front door of the store, reading: NO RESTROOMS. TRY AMAZON.

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