If Donald Trump Made the Big Move

donald trump
donald trump

If Donald Trump, who says he is considering a run for U.S. president and even produced a hospital document to prove he was born on American soil, was elected and had to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, just how might he transform this world-famous dwelling?

"I can't imagine how the White House would look once he got his hands on it, but we should all invest in gold futures, because I predict a whooooole lot of leafing going on," says interior designer Elaine Griffin, who adds about the third Mrs. Trump: "I'd love to see Melania turn the West Wing into her shoe closet. Fab! U! Lous!"

One of three designers who in November helped critique our 44th President's decorating skills in "Obama's Oval Office," Griffin weighs in again with the others to speculate how Trump, this "perhaps greatest American marketer since P.T. Barnum, surely won't let a square inch of presidential opportunity go to waste."

But before we whip out the swatches and sledgehammers, can you really envision this real estate mogul as a tenant rather than an owner? Maybe this Forbes-ranked 153rd wealthiest man in America should purchase the White House, after all it has dropped in value nearly $80 million to $253.1 million since the peak of the housing boom, as we previously reported in "White House Value Drops." Lord knows "The Donald" could afford it given the business glossy estimates his net worth as $2.7 billion, and he counters he's worth at least $6 billion.