FrontierVille Tips & Tricks: How NOT to complete the Canning Master Goals

Did you take one look at the Canning Master goals in FrontierVille, which (when all is said and done) require you to give away 170,000 Food and scoff at the requirements? Are you okay with leaving a mission set uncompleted on your land, just so you can keep your Food? Do you fear that you might accidentally complete these goals without really trying, only to suddenly lose all of your hard-earned Food?

If you answered yes to any of those questions (don't worry - you're not alone), we're here with a couple of tips that will allow you to stay as far away from the Canning Master goals as humanly possible, keeping all of your Food nice and safe in your game. The above image shows you a screenshot of what the first goal in the Canning Master series looks like. If you're like many farmers, you'll likely see the same two requirements (Butter and Food) automatically completed for you, due to your reserves. The easiest way to not complete this mission (and save the 5,000 Food, and beyond), then, is to simply never plant Tomatoes... ever again.

Of course, this isn't very reasonable, as we'll surely be given another goal at some point in the future that has us harvesting Tomatoes (that is, a goal that we don't mind completing), so meet us behind the break for other ways to save your Food.

The key to success here ultimately lies with the Butter. Even if you have the maximum allowed 99 Butter on your account, you can easily get rid of them by either simply turning into the collection (rewarding you with 25 more Food each time), or by sending the excess Butter to friends. As you can see from my picture, I'll only be able to turn in the collection nine times, due to my limited supply of Swiss Cheese, and I'll need to give the rest away.

This is done by opening up the Collections menu, and then scrolling to the Cow Collection. See the red and yellow gift box? Simply click on that button, and you'll be able to send your full supply of Butters to your friends, or even split them between multiple friends.

While you can send them to anyone, your best bet is to send them to players that are no longer playing the game, as you won't accidentally complete this mission for someone else who has also thrown away all of their Butters as well!

As Butter is a collection item, it's nigh impossible that you'll never have another Butter randomly spawn on your account, nor is it impossible that Zynga releases another quest requiring Butters to complete. The situation then becomes a bit more complicated, but still manageable. For the time being, every time you see a Butter appear, simply follow the same procedure - giving it to a friend that you know won't mind receiving it. If another Butter-requiring mission shows up, that requires three or more Butters, your best bet would likely be to earn up two Butters as normal, and pay the lessened Horseshoe requirement to complete just that task, without completing the Canning Master goal.

Yes, the latter situation will eventually (presumably) force you into paying some Horseshoes, but isn't losing a few Horseshoes in a single transaction worth keeping 170,000 Food, which would take you weeks or even months to earn back if you completed the Canning Master goals as normal?

These steps are of course entirely voluntary, and if you'd like to take on the challenge of the Canning Master goals, you're more than welcome to do so. For those users like myself, however, that feel that keeping our Food is worth having a forever-outstanding goal series on our accounts, these are a few tricks and tips to keep in mind that will help you do just that.

What do you think of the Canning Master goals? Will you follow these tips to save your Food, or will you hurry and complete the goals as fast as you can just to have them out of the way? Let us know in the comments.
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