FrontierVille Canning Master Missions arrive, players predictably displeased

We brought you a sneak peek of FrontierVille's new set of Canning Master Missions back on April Fools' Day, and while the arguably ridiculous Food requirements (the missions will take a total of 170,000 Food from your account) might have seemed like a clever prank to celebrate the day, they are actually anything but, as they have started rolling out to users as any other set of missions would.

The high Food requirements haven't been lost on players, who immediately took to the game's official forums, already spawning a 26 page thread of users (and growing) that are mostly disappointed in the fact that these missions consume so much of your Food. While there are the heavy-hitting players that look at these missions as a challenge, most are like user "grobanite33," who says the following:
"I would perfectly fine with this if the food weren't going to be consumed. I've been playing since the beginning, seldom buy meals, and still only have about 45,000 food. I can't imagine losing all that and having to build it up from scratch for quest after quest."
Of course, these missions are entirely voluntary, and if you never choose to complete them, you'll never lose that much Food. Still, some users simply hate having an option mission on their account, and are taking even greater offense to their existence - so much so that Zynga has had to purge the thread of many, more than hateful comments.

Ultimately, we can see why Zynga released these missions (not that it necessarily makes it right, mind you). Users such as myself, who collect their free Daily Bonus email offering a free meal, those who collect all of the bonuses they can posted by friends, and those who only spend energy when it's really necessary can easily have 50-60k of Food sitting around in reserves. This has likely caused an "imbalance" in Zynga's eyes, and they want to literally force users down into a more manageable Food level.

Sure, there are those that claim that this is all part of a sinister plan on the part of Zynga to force users to pay Horseshoes for Energy since they won't have Food on hand to buy meals, but while we can't really prove that theory wrong, we'd hope it doesn't come down to something so evil.

Whether you take these missions as a challenge, or as a slap in the face to all of the hard work you've had building up your Food supplies, we want to know about it. Will you complete these missions, or will you ignore them entirely, in favor of keeping your Food for other tasks? Let us know in the comments.
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