FarmVille Mystery Game (04/03/2011): Win some Red and Blue Animals for your farm


This week's FarmVille Mystery Game leaves the English Countryside theme behind in favor of a color-centric theme - a Blue and Red theme, to be exact. There are six animals up for grabs in this week's game, with four of them being under the "red" side of the theme, and the remaining two being "blue."

You'll need to pay 20 Farm Cash for each dart, if you'd like a chance at winning any of these animals, which is a bit higher than the "normal" price tag of 16 Farm Cash per dart. If you're willing to pay the higher price, you'll have a chance at one of the following:

Baby Blue Tiger
Blue Arrow Frog
Red Deer
Red Kite
Red Squirrel
Red Wolf Cub

You'll recognize some of these items as those that we've given you sneak peeks of in the past. No matter which animal you'd like to win, remember that this round of the Mystery Game will only be around for seven days, so you'll need to purchase a Dart(s) fast if you want the best chance at receiving all six animals before the game resets.

Which of these animals are you hoping to win in the Mystery Game this week? Let us know in the comments.