FarmVille Model Farm updated with English Countryside items


If you're one that still visits the FarmVille Model Farm on a daily basis for the free prize you'll receive by doing so, you'll be in for a change today, as Zynga has updated the farm with a new English Countryside theme.

While, as usual, this update seems to bring only previously released items to the Model Farm, it does give you a better look at what these decorations look like full-size, with all of their animations active (if applicable). It can also be used as a nice template for which to decorate your own farm in the same theme, or just as it was intended - as a quick and easy way to purchase these items by simply clicking on them.

We were really hoping that with the release of the Model Farm, we'd have a chance to see sneak peeks of tons of unreleased items, but that's yet to really happy thus far. We'll keep an eye on things, and we'll let you know if things change.

Have you ever purchased anything from the Model Farm, or do you simply ignore it's even there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.