FarmVille LE English Countryside Trees: Cherry Plum & European Pear Trees


Two new trees are available in the FarmVille marketplace this evening, with both trees being available in the current limited edition English Countryside item theme, and being allowed to be placed either on your Home Farm or your second farm in England.

These two trees are the Cherry Plum Tree and the European Pear Tree. While we gave you a sneak peek of these trees last week, we didn't know how much they would cost, but we can answer that question now. The Cherry Plum Tree goes for 5 Farm Cash, while the European Pear Tree costs 10 Farm Cash. Interestingly (that is, even though the trees seem entirely separate), if you'd like to save 10 Farm Cash, you can just purchase the Cherry Plum Tree, place it in an Orchard, and then wait for it to produce a European Pear Tree as a Mystery Seedling (or hope to be lucky enough to receive one as a random Mystery Seedling being given away by your friends).

Both of these trees will be available in the game for the next two weeks.

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Which of these trees is your favorite, or will you purchase them both? Let us know in the comments.