FarmVille LE English Countryside Decorations: Gentleman Gnome, Garden Cascade & More


The limited edition English Countryside theme in FarmVille became much bigger this evening, as seven new decorative items were released for purchase in the game's store. All seven of these items are available to purchase in either your Home Farm, or English farm's store, but remember, if you'd like to purchase the same item for both farms, you'll need to buy both.

Out of these seven decorations, two are only available for Farm Cash, with these coming in the form of the Gentleman Gnome and the Garden Cascade. The Garden is the more expensive of the two items, at 20 Farm Cash, while the Gnome will make a great addition to your collection for 15 Farm Cash. You'll earn 2,000 and 1,500 XP for purchasing these items, respectively.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the rest of tonight's new decorations.