FarmVille LE English Countryside Animals: Dartmoor Pony & English Lop

Two new animals were released in FarmVille this evening, as part of the current limited edition English Countryside theme. The animals are those we've brought you a sneak peek of in the past, and come in the form of a Dartmoor Pony and an English Lop rabbit.

Continuing with tradition, the Dartmoor Pony is the more expensive of the two items, at 24 Farm Cash, while the English Lop bunny can be purchased for 12 Farm Cash. This is one of the cutest bunnies in the game, in my very humble opinion (just look at those long ears!) so definitely take a look at it before it leaves the store.

For the Dartmoor Pony, remember that if you purchase one and place it in your Horse Stable, you'll have a chance of breeding it for a Dartmoor Pony Foal that can be shared with friends. Though, regardless of which of these two animals you wish to purchase, you'll need to make up your mind before they leave the store in two weeks' time.

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Will you purchase either of these animals for your farm? Let us know in the comments.