FarmVille English Countryside: Pause feature, be gone!

FarmVille Anti Pause
And so it was written: The Pause feature was banished from the lands of FarmVille after the English onslaught, never to wreak havoc on digital farms again. The virtual farmers rejoiced, but quickly realized how little time they had to manage two massive farms at once and cried out in favor of the Pause once more. Alright, so that second sentence was a prediction--sue me. Zynga has officially made the Pause between both farms optional. Of course, this is a slow roll out, so stay tuned if you've yet to receive the feature.

FarmVille travel options
When traveling between farms, you will be greeted with the warning that the farm you're currently leaving will freeze in time. However, a button reading "Change Options" has appeared within the window. Click on it to open the above window, which allows players to make it so both farms run simultaneously. There, you babies, you got your wish. Are you happy now? (I kid, please don't leave me.)

However, it begs the question. Will players really enjoy managing two properties at once on two separate timers? Or will they simply abandon English Countryside altogether now that the Sheep Pen is coming to home farms (surely the Pub is to follow)? It will be interesting to see how vacant English farms become in the coming months.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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Have you seen this new option appear in your game yet? Now that the Pause has been relinquished, where will you spend most of your time farming? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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