FarmVille Bug Report: Mystery Game giving out wrong animals


This week's Mystery Game in FarmVille was released under the assumption that you'll receive one of six Blue and Red animals in this week's current theme. However, some users are finding a very different situation when they actually play the game.

If you have a free Mystery Game Dart in your inventory, say from redeeming a Zynga Gift Card or simply purchasing Farm Cash, you might want to hold onto it, as these Darts, when thrown, are giving away Wild West animals, rather than the expected Red and Blue animals.

Zynga has acknowledged the error on the game's official forums, and the issue is "under investigation." They haven't said what will happen to those users who were unfortunate enough to receive a wrong animal, or if their Mystery Game Darts will be "refunded," but we'd suggest filing a report with Zynga's support site if you'd like to know more. All told, unless you'd like a free Wild West animal, your best bet is to hang onto any free Darts in your Gift Box until the issue has been fully resolved.

Did you play this week's Mystery Game only to receive the wrong kind of animal? Let us know in the comments.