Delta Plane Damaged by Bird Strike

AP Photo

A Delta Air Lines plane that hit a flock of large birds as it was approaching Little Rock International Airport over the weekend landed safely.

Flight 5087 was on its way from Atlanta when it hit the birds about 20 miles southeast of the airport.

Airport spokeswoman T.J. Williams tells the Associated Press no one on board was hurt and the pilots were able to land the plane without incident.

In photos of the plane on the ground, the nose of the plane is dented and covered in blood and feathers.

delta bird strike
AP Photo

Williams tells the news outlet Delta officials will examine the plane to decide what repairs need to be done.

Officials did not say what type of birds the plane hit.

In late February, two bird strikes happened in a single day. First, a bird was sucked into an the engine of a Continental Airlines flight bound for Houston from Washington's Reagan National Airport, forcing the plane to land at Washington Dulles International. Later that day, an AirTran Airways flight headed to Charlotte from Orlando had to make a quick turn around after a bird strike took out the plane's weather radar.

Bird strikes have been making headlines since January 2009, when a flight that had just taken off from LaGuardia Airport hit a flock of birds, downing two engines. The pilot, Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, landed the plane in the Hudson River adjacent to midtown Manhattan and all 155 passengers were safely evacuated. Last month, the Carolinas Aviation Museum announced the US Airways plane involved in the incident – known now as the "Miracle on the Hudson" – would become an exhibit at the museum.

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