57% of U.S. Adults Surveyed Are Without a Will

Don't face the grim reaper without a willIf you don't have a will, chances are you've never been in a situation where someone near to you passed without one. You'd understand the nightmare that probate court can be when divvying up an estate without a will; it gets parsed according to state law, with no stipulation for loyal friends or the church or a charity or any other person or entity the deceased might have wanted to honor with a bit of his or her estate.

A new study by the Rocket Lawyer found that 57% of the 1,000 people it surveyed were without a will. That's sad.The same study found some other disturbing data:
  • More men than women (61% to 53%) don't have will, despite being more often the chief breadwinner in the household.
  • 22% of those over 65, who should be at least thinking about the grim reaper, don't have a will.
  • 32% of respondents said they would rather give up sex for a month or sit through a root canal that create or update their will.
  • More Republicans than Democrats (46% to 37%) have wills.
How can you create a will as cheaply as possible? You could use the services of the sponsor of the study, Rocket Lawyer. This company can do a simple Q&A with you over the Internet and generate a personalized will. It is offering this for free in April if you go through this link.

For sake of comparison, you could check out a similar service, Legalzoom.com. You might also want to put your need for a will up for bid; see my earlier article about Shpoonkle.
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