I Interviewed at AOL

job interview
job interview

As an AOL interviewee, I'm in the unusual position of having traveled a roller coaster that has much to do with the current economy: I started as a freelance writer, became a freelance editor, and then became the contracted managing editor of the WalletPop website. I was subsequently got let go, and began freelancing for them again. For all I know, I may wind up back at AOL again as a full-time employee, as I have my hat in the ring for several jobs.

My interviews at AOL came about in a whirlwind of activity during the summer of 2010. I am based in Chicago, and was flown to the Dulles, Va., office for a round of interviews, then went straight from there to AOL's Manhattan office at 770 Broadway, then sat at home and waited for what I thought would be good news.

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