Earn 38 free FarmVille Farm Cash through Turbo Tax promotion


It's Tax Time, and you know what that means - a struggle to either fill out loads of forms yourself, hire an accountant or otherwise purchase some sort of software that will earn you as much of a refund (or lower what you owe) as much as humanly possible. The folks at TurboTax hope you'll go with the third option, and to sweeten the deal, they're offering 38 free Farm Cash in FarmVille to those players that file their taxes using TurboTax after activating the promotion on their accounts.

You'll see the new promotion via a Sponsored Link [pictured] at the bottom of the FarmVille gameplay area. Clicking on this link takes you to a new window, where you'll need to correctly answer three questions - just choose All of the Above for every answer - and afterwards redirects you to sign up for an account with TurboTax's website, where they will guide you through the process of filing your taxes, in a process they liken to using a GPS.

You must file your taxes via TurboTax's e-file program in order to earn your free Farm Cash, but if you had already planned on using Turbo Tax this season, why not earn some free Farm Cash in the process?

Will you take part in this promotion to file your taxes and earn free Farm Cash? Let us know in the comments.

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