Earn 175 free FarmVille Farm Cash in new GameFly promotion


We've seen Zynga team up with the folks at GameFly for some pretty nice rewards before, and the company is back again, advertising GameFly to FarmVille players via a new cross-promotion. The promotion can be found at the bottom of the FarmVille gameplay area, and offers players a whopping 175 free Farm Cash just for trying GameFly.

You must be a new member to GameFly's service in order to qualify, so if you've already done one of these promotions for another game, you'll need to find another way to participate (it's also limited to one signup per household, so good luck finding a loop hole). While you will receive a free trial, GameFly also charges subscription fees of up to $22.95 after the first month, so know what you're getting into before you try this one.

While it might be a bit more complicated than other Farm Cash promotions, if you've been interested in signing up with GameFly anyway, why not take advantage of this offer in FarmVille and earn 175 Farm Cash in the process?

Will you take advantage of this offer? Would you like to see more "free trial" promotions available in Zynga's games? Sound off in the comments.