CityVille: Watch dolphins do tricks in your new Aquarium


A new Community Building has been added to CityVille in the form of an Aquarium. You'll be able to build this Aquarium from the game's build menu, with the base costing 7,000 coins. The Aquarium adds a boost of 280 citizens to your total population limit, but you'll need to first "build" the frame six times, costing six energy in total.

From there, you'll need to staff your Aquarium with 10 friends in total, but two might have been filled in for you by Samantha. You'll be able to hire friends by clicking on the "Hire Friends" button and sending individual gift requests to those friends that you think would be most likely to help you.

The Aquarium is an open-air arena, and you'll apparently be able to watch dolphins perform through a hoop above the water once the building is completed, so if that doesn't give you enough reason to build one, I don't know what else will.

Have you built your Aquarium in CityVille yet? What do you think of this new Community Building? Let us know in the comments.