World's Coolest Job Goes To a Bum - Seriously

the world's coolest job

Ed Yourdon, Flickr

A Swedish magazine is looking to give the world's coolest job to a bum. Sweden's "Amelia" magazine posted an advertisement Thursday for a professional beach bum, or "beach tester."

Job requirements include: Going on excursions, lying on beach chairs, testing drinks, receiving full-body massages and reading. Candidates must be able to swim, work overtime (as drink testing might require) and have the ability to do nothing for extended periods of time.

No overachievers need apply.

"The response has been huge," "Amelia"'s editor-in-chief, Asa Lundegard, told Swedish news site The Local. Hundreds of applications had been received just a few hours after the job was posted on the Swedish National Public Employment Service.

The inspiration for the position came as a response to requests by tourist destinations for more coverage in the magazine. Since "Amelia"'s staff didn't include enough reporters to send out into the field, it decided to hire someone to do the dirty work.

At first, people thought the posting was an early April Fool's Day joke. It is, however, totally legitimate assured Lundegard.

The lucky hire will spend four week traveling to and reporting from Corsica, Cape Town, and two as-yet-to-be-determined Asian locales. But it's not all fun and games. "Amelia"'s beach bum will be expected to blog about their experience.

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