Top 10 Office Pranks

job interview
job interview

Popular TV sitcom 'The Office' has spawned a re-emergence of some good, clean old-fashioned workplace pranks. Whether its prank phone calls, whoopee cushions or staplers in Jello molds, the characters on 'The Office' remind the rest of us that working a day job in a cubicle does not have to box you or your creativity in.

Sandwiched between the first official day of spring and Tax Day, April Fool's Day is often overlooked by many who think pranks, hoaxes and practical jokes are only for the young, not the young at heart. But even if you are not a planner or into elaborate, collective pranks, check out our list of top 10 office pranks that have a proven track record of success and are sure to garner some laughs any day of the year.