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siemens hiring Thousands of manufacturing jobs in the energy field, and training programs to help you get them -- is it too good to be true? It appears the Siemens Corporation is making this dream a reality.

The international corporation is so eager to fill more than 3,000 open positions across the United States that it has launched a major employment campaign called "Where the Jobs Are." Each month, Siemens will highlight open positions in one of its business units and its academic collaborations to alert potential employees that job training is available for many of these high-skill, high-wage openings.

The first site featured is Charlotte, N.C., where the company has been working closely with local universities and community colleges to develop training programs and curricula for potential employees who want to work in the energy business. This is the real deal -- not only is the company hiring, but also it will train you at local schools to do the jobs.

"It has become commonplace in America to read about companies moving their jobs and operations overseas, in search of less expensive pastures, but Siemens recently spent nearly $200 million to build a world-class facility, to produce gas turbines in Charlotte, N.C.," said Eric Spiegel, president and CEO of Siemens Corp.

"This new site will create nearly 1,000 new jobs and more than 2,000 indirect ones. We are now looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals who want to work for an innovation and technology leader, and we will train them for these jobs of the future by partnering with local educational institutions to create programs designed specifically for these open positions."

Of course, they're taking applications from the skilled and experienced as well. The company is currently seeking engineers as well as employees with strong skills in machinery, welding, mechanical assembly, procurement, quality inspection and project management.

The Charlotte site will be one of the global manufacturing hubs for the company's gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and related service work. It will also serve as an export base to North and South America, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the Philippines and Japan for its H-class gas turbine, one of the most technologically advanced products Siemens makes. One of these gas turbines weighs 280 tons and provides enough electricity to power over 275,000 households in the United States (410,000 households if used in combined cycle.)

"We have filled over 200 positions in 2011 and are on our way to filling 1,000 positions over the next few years as we expand our gas turbine manufacturing facility in Charlotte," said Mark Pringle, director of operations for the Charlotte plant. "One of the competitive advantages for us here in Charlotte is the fact that we have great university and community college systems that are bending over backwards to work with us and custom design curriculum."

Earlier this year, Siemens pledged $4.3 million to the engineering college at the University of North Carolina to support the new Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) program that will provide engineering scholarships and advance research capabilities in smart grid and precision manufacturing. Graduates from this program soon will fill many of the open positions at the Charlotte plant. Additionally, more than 200 of the new Charlotte hires will have been trained through the local community college system.

If you're interested in other position with the company, you can visit Siemens' website.

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