FrontierVille: See building progress and ask for items before loading the game

While FrontierVille may be adored by many, there is one widespread complaint amongst even the most diehard fans - that the game takes quite a bit of time to load, which is especially true the higher the level that you reach. Zynga is attempting to help ease the burden on some players, who may only login to check on their building project status, as they have added a new progress window that now appears seemingly every time you play the game.

Instead of forcing the game to load in its entirety, you're shown a list of three building materials that you currently need, and are given the option of asking friends for that particular item via its own button. You never have to enter the game, as you're told how many you still need for your current task, so you know just how many friends to send requests to. Of course, this isn't mandatory, as you can always click the "Maybe Later. Play FrontierVille!" button to access the game as normal, but it is a nice new option all the same.

Have you seen this new item progress screen show up when you try to load FrontierVille? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.
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