FrontierVille Canning Master Goals: Everything you need to know

Canning Master
If you weren't busy enough yucking it up in the April Goals, yet another set of Goals is coming to FrontierVille. Titled "Canning Master," these Goals will have you taking the finest vegetables, fruits and crops (and even animals) to, well, put them in cans. Hey, that's Cannery for you. However, this information is early, so the details in this guide are subject to change.

TomatoesMmm Tomato Gravy

  • Harvest 50 Tomatoes
  • Collect Three Butter
  • Have 5,000 food

Planting all those Tomatoes will cost 1,250 coins, and the Butter is part of the Cow Collection. Put it on your Wish List to increase your chances of a friend giving you one. Yes, the food will be consumed, and yes it's a ridiculous requirement. Hang tight, it's only going to get worse from here.

Hot and Saucy

  • Harvest 150 Apple Trees
  • Craft 15 Fire
  • Have 15,000 food

That many Apple Trees will take quite a while without a lot of them at once, which cost 800 coins. Crafting Fire is, of course, done in the Wagon for Wood and Cloth from visiting friends. This is where things get nuts (and likely to be tuned down): 15 thousand food. And it only gets worse from here.

PeppermintChicken Soup for the Pioneer Soul

  • Tend 300 Chickens
  • Collect 30 Canning Jars
  • Have 50,000 food

This is just getting out of hand. The 30 Canning Jars are collected via--what else?--friend requests. As for the 50 thousand Food, harvest away.

Winning the Blue Ribbon

  • Harvest 500 Peppermint
  • Collect 100 Cloth
  • Have 100,000 food

To harvest 500 Peppermint would cost 100 thousand coins (if you did it all at once), which is funny considering you'll need equally as much Food. All the while, you must visit friends to grab that 100 Cloth. Unreasonable? Probably, but the veterans have been asking for a challenge, right?

[Source: FrontierVille Info]

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