FarmVille Spring Animal Sneak Peek: Yellow Duck, Flower Sheep, Flower Rabbit, & More

We've found a new set of unreleased animals that will likely be coming to FarmVille in the near future. We're guessing that these animals might be prizes in an upcoming Mystery Game, since they all seem to fit into the same theme, or they could even be prizes for the upcoming Spring Basket for this year.

The animals are the Yellow Patch Cow, Yellow Patch Calf, Flower Rabbit, Flower Sheep, and the Yellow Duck. It's presumable that in this case, only the Yellow Patch Cow would actually be released as a prize / to purchase in the store, and that you'd later receive the Calf by breeding the Cow in the Dairy Barn.

No matter how these animals are made available in the game, we'll make sure to give you complete details on how to add them to your farm as soon as we know more.

Which of these animals is your favorite? Is yellow your favorite springtime color, or would you prefer a pink or blue set of items instead? Let us know in the comments.