FarmVille English Countryside Sneak Peek: Garden Cascade, Gentleman Gnome, English Treehouse & much more


A huge amount of English Countryside items will apparently be released in FarmVille in the very near future, if this newest batch of unreleased images is anything to go by. Hopefully, there will be something for ever budget, just as there is something for every taste.

We'll start from left to right in the image at the top of this post. Here's what we're expecting to be made available shortly: English Pavilion, Gentleman Gnome, English Treehouse, Garden Cascade, Rhododendron, Garden Tableset, Spring Quill Flowerbed, Flower Patch 2, Flower Patch 3, and Flower Patch 4.

While we can safely assume that all of these items will be released in the English Countryside limited edition theme, just how much they'll cost, or when exactly they'll be released is still up in the air (we're guessing these could start making an appearance as early as this weekend). Also, we don't know whether some of these items will be specific only to the English Farm, or if you'll be able to place them on your Home Farm as well.

We'll bring you all of that info and more when these items are officially released, so keep checking back.

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Which of these many decorative items is your favorite? Will you purchase any items for both of your farms, if given the choice? Let us know in the comments.