FarmVille Animal Sneak Peek: Red Kite, Red Deer, Baby Blue Tiger & More


A slew of new animals will be coming to FarmVille in the near future (perhaps as early as this weekend), or so we assume thanks to a new set of unreleased images.

These animals look to be coming in either this week's Mystery Game (which will release on Sunday night), or as general releases available to purchase in the game's store. From left to right in the image above we have the Dartmoor Pony, Dartmoor Foal, Blue Baby Tiger, Red Deer, Red Wolf Cub, Blue Arrow Frog, and Red Kite.

The Dartmoor Pony, if any of these animals, is the most likely to be released in the store, as items like the Red Kite and Red Deer seem much more suited to a Mystery Game, while horses and ponies are routinely released in the store. As for the Red Kite itself, this will likely be a decorative only animal, not actually able to be fed. Still, it will look pretty cool on your farm.

We'll make sure to let you know how to add any of these animals to your farm, along with whether or not any of them are relegated to the English Countryside theme, so keep checking back.

What do you think of these new animals? Would you play next week's Mystery Game to earn any of them? Let us know which ones in the comments.