Dude Perfect Helps Southwest With Rewards Promotion

Dude Perfect Southwest rewards

Dude Perfect

What happens when you need an interesting angle for a new perk that isn't particularly interesting? Do as Southwest Airlines did and call Dude Perfect, the guys behind perhaps the longest basketball shot ever. Southwest "wanted to find a fun way to let customers know we were switching our loyalty program from accruing credits to accruing points," company spokesman Whitney Eichinger told AOL Travel. Sounds pretty blah, no? What is the promotion? Southwest recently started their All-New Rapid Rewards program, which will give 100 winners who entered an online sweepstakes 100,000 points on April 4th.

To keep customers entertained, they loaned viral sensation Dude Perfect a Boeing 737, a maintenance hangar and parts of the company's corporate headquarters to shoot around in.

On April 4th, the company and Dude Perfect will launch one "Big Shot" to announce the winners.

WATCH the boys shoot around:

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