What to Buy in April

What to buy in April, the month of cherry blossoms like thisOh, April, you cherry-blossom-imbued harbinger of summer to come. When the warmer weather hits, many of us feel the urge to get out of the house and get some exercise, and what better exercise than that American tradition, shopping? Here are some suggestions on what to buy in April.cruise ships - what to buy in April

April is a shoulder season, and deals can be had for last-minute berths on cruise ships, especially in Europe.

boxing - gym memberships - what to buy in AprilGym Memberships

Who wants to be in the gym working out when they can be digging in the dirt in their backyard or taking the bicycle out for a spin on a local trail? This is the slow season for gym memberships and you should be able to bench-press a hefty discount.

man ponders shirts at thrift store - what to buy in AprilThrift Stores

Spring is the season for house cleaning and it's also the season that house cleaners donate more stuff to thrift stores. Keep an eye on their stock, because you never know when a gem is going to hit the showroom floor. This is also a good time to cruise garage sales, for the same reason. Check out WalletPop'sadvice on what to buy and what not to buy at the thrift stores.

little girl in puddles - rain gear - what to buy in AprilRainwear

April showers means that stores stock up on rainwear, but the season isn't very long. Look for sales on slickers, hats and umbrellas later in the month.

TVs for sale - what to buy in AprilTelevisions

The Japanese fiscal year runs from April 1 -- March 31, so companies tend to clear out their stock at the end of the year. The result is an inventory glut at the retail level, leading to a commensurate price drop. This is a good time to pick up a big-screen to watch March Madness, which dribbles over into April.

office chairOffice Furniture

Some people starting new home businesses wait until tax season is over on April 15, and office supply stores often schedule their sales on large pieces of office furniture to catch this wave.

man vacuuming - what to buy in aprilVacuum Cleaners

Spring cleaning demands a good vacuum cleaner, and luckily, this is the time of the year when stores are clearing out stock to make room for the new models. So suck it up and get to cleaning.

home for sale - what to buy in AprilHomes

While you might negotiate a better deal in the winter, spring is when many more houses come on the market. Now you'll have a much better chance to find that perfect home.

saucepan - cookware - what to buy in AprilCookware

With weddings coming up and the graduation season looming, merchants traditionally offer some sweet sales on cookware in April.

snowblowers - what to buy in AprilSnow Blowers

Stocks may be scant after a winter like much of the country has enjoyed (not), but stores would rather blow out prices on a snow blower than let them sit idly by for the next six months.

couple with a laptop - what to buy in AprilNotebook Computers

Josh Smith of Notebooks.com says "April is a great time to buy notebooks because the latest consumer notebooks are finally on store shelves with the new faster Intel and AMD processors. But that also means loads of deals on last year's notebooks which will meet the needs of many users, especially since you can get more bang for your buck." He also cautions that the Japanese troubles could disrupt the supply chain and result in higher prices later in the year.

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