Underground Real Estate Boom: Bomb Shelter Sales on the Rise

Home prices may be double-dipping and dripping downward across the U.S., but there's one real estate market that's looking up, way up: luxury underground bunkers and bomb shelters.

Frustrated by a crazy world, sales of high tech survival shelters have surged from 20 to 1,000 percent. Much of the anxiety, says veteran bunker builder Walton McCarthy, stems from what he calls the "Pearl Harbor blues": This January, he says, a 161-page Homeland Security report slipped out of Washington depicting a national planning and prep scenario and listing the top 15 weapons of mass destruction and scenarios on how they could affect all major cities in the country.

Outlook: grim. A few months later we are at war with Libya, who has a leader who could very well take retribution. Japan has had an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

Can it get worse?