Tests Show AA Batteries Are Mostly the Same

AA batteriesAre you a devotee of brand-name AA batteries to power your flotilla of portable devices? Then a new study by Dealnews could save you a great deal of money. Its conclusion: There's not much difference between the lesser-known and the recognized brands.

The site set up a test with the Worcester Polytechnic Institute to gauge the relative battery life of brands including Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac and a generic brand. It found "no measurable difference" in energy output among them -- except the Energizer Advanced Lithium battery.The generic tested as highly as the Duracell Ultra Advanced, the Energizer Max, the Duracell Coppertop, and the Rayovac, measured for initial voltage and energy loss over 19 hours of use.

The Energizer Advanced Lithium was the only battery that exceeded the results of the pack, outlasting the 19-hour test cycle with no loss in voltage.

However, when price was factored in, the high price of the Energizer Advanced Lithium ($1.75) more than offset the difference between it and the generic ($0.53), as well as the other name brands.

For the full report by Mitch Lipka, see Dealnews.
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