So, Um, Like I Really Want This Job, Ya Know?

job interview For years baby boomers have been aggravated by young job applicants who use terms like, "uh," "like" and "ya know" excessively, and now there's research that says it's more than just an aggravation -- it could well be a deal breaker.

That's according to research conducted by the Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For the study, they set up mock job interviews with hiring professionals, and then spoke with the interviewers about their impressions.

They came to the conclusion that adult professionals were least likely to want to hire those who used the word "like" excessively and incorrectly. The interviewers also perceived the applicant to be less professional, and were less likely to recommend the interviewee for hiring.

Gratuitous, as well as incorrect use of the word "like" seems to really rub many people the wrong way, and most of those who overuse it have no idea they're doing it. Sentences such as, "So he's like, 'You're the best worker I've ever seen,' and that, like, made me feel I'm like, so professional," could drive an interviewer mad. Surprisingly enough, the interviewers preferred "uh" to "like."

"Ya know?" is another over-used phrase that annoys many people. To become more aware of it, count the number of times it's used in conversations on reality shows like 'The Bachelor,' where the chats are often similar to mini interviews. Or, have your best friend count the number of times you say "Ya know?" during the course of a five minute conversation. The number of times it pops up will probably amaze you.

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